About LA Click

As an Online Marketing Agency in the heart of Zurich, not far from the Zurich main station, at LA Click GmbH, we focus on the marketing discipline that – in contrast to traditional marketing via classic media – takes place only on the Internet. With our Digital Marketing Activities, we pursue the goal of increasing your brand and product awareness. We also strive to promote your customer acquisition, boost the traffic on your website, strengthen customer loyalty, drive your ranking on the Google search results (SERP) and improve your company’s reputation.

With us, you get completely individualized Online Marketing solutions that cover the entire customer journey. Thanks to these activities, you can win customers with clicks.

Our Customers

Axa Winterthur
IFJ Startup Support
Wirz & Partners Management Consulting
Radtke Messtechnik
Spark Works Strategic Innovation Company
The House of Bags
Cancer Coach
Augenzentrum OnO
e-payment solutions beyond the numbers

Our Partners

Panter AG
Marketing PRobst
La Click Online Marketing Agentur

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