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What is Conversion Tracking?

Conversion tracking lets you understand how customers behave on your website or how they use your app. Which pages are the most popular or where in the ordering process do clients cancel? How much traffic does your current Google Ads campaign or the last newsletter generate? For this, there is no way around conversion tracking.

Conversion tracking contributes to the data that is required to understand and optimize the customer journey. As a technical foundation for data-driven decisions, it is particularly important to ensure that the data is correct, processed in accordance with current data protection regulations and accurately reflects user behaviour. That is our expertise.

Since your website or app has individual goals, for example, many new newsletter registrations you received, the number of sales in an online shop, recommendations for app downloads, etc., we set up conversion tracking to meet those needs. This enables us to identify the most valuable target groups for you on your website or in your app. The knowledge gained not only serves as the basis for optimizing your customer journey but also for being able to use the advertising budget as specifically as possible.

Your Advantages?

With conversion tracking, you can measure the performance of your website or app and determine when your goals have been achieved.

With data-driven insights into how your users behave, you can identify optimization potential on your website or app. This way, you can better respond to customer needs and increase your conversion.

Conversion tracking allows us to target specific market segments with the highest potential through online marketing measures. This way, you get the biggest bang for your buck.

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