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What is Google Ads Advertising?

Google Ads can be divided into two categories; search engine advertising and display advertising.

Search engine advertising (SEA)

Search engine advertising, also known as SEA, is paid advertising featured on the Google Search and various Search Network partner sites. The fundamental of ‘text advertisements’ is the individual or combined keywords your potential customers are looking for.
Also, demographic characteristics such as age or gender and the location of the searchers can determine whether your ad is displayed or not. If a user then fulfils all of the predefined criteria and searches for a specific term, an ad from your campaign may be triggered.
As soon as a user clicks on your ad, you pay for this click with your previously defined daily budget. In addition to the classic search network ads that are labelled “Ad” on the Google search results pages, there are shopping ads. With shopping ads, you can advertise products from your online shop with pictures and prices.

Display Advertising

The Google Display Network comprises over two million different websites including Google products such as YouTube and Gmail, but also external news portals, blogs, and applications. According to Comscore, the Google Display Network can reach over 90% of internet users worldwide. The various formats from which display ads can be created are as diverse as the network itself. The best-known examples include banners and video ads. There are also several ways to target these ads. For example, you can reach certain target groups or have ads displayed based on the content-related targeting on very specific websites or YouTube channels.

Your advantages?

Use precise targeting options to determine which users will see your Ads.

With Google Ads, we work together to determine the optimal daily budget for your campaigns. So you have full control of the cost.

With either search or display ads – your company name is included with every ad. Draw the attention of your target group with relevant advertisements and increase your awareness.

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