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What is an Online Marketing Strategy?

The online marketing strategy forms the basis of all online activities. Therefore, it must be fully coordinated with the corporate strategy. In the online marketing strategy, we pick up your company’s expectations, jointly define online marketing goals, record your current position in the online area and develop strategies so that you can prevail against your competitors and achieve your company’s goals.

The online marketing strategy covers the following aspects:

  • Core message & vision
  • Online marketing goals
  • Target group & personas
  • Current website state
  • competitor analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Marketing activities recommendation
  • ActivitIes schedule

With this strategy, you will discover the online potential of your company.

Your Advantage?

Receive a customized master plan for online activities with our online marketing strategy fully aligned with the goals of your company.

Our online marketing strategy helps you to put a pattern in your activities. Find out what channels should be used, what channels to pursue according to your business strategy and what actions are suitable for your company. 

You know your target audience how they behave in the real world. However, your target audience might behave differently on the internet.
Within our online marketing strategy, we work out the behaviour of your target audience and record which measures you can best use to reach your target audience.

Online Marketing Strategy?

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