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What is Social Media Marketing?

The term social media marketing (SMM) refers to marketing activities, such as advertising on social networks, optimisations, the maintenance of profiles and the publication of organic posts on platforms social like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. The various social media profiles are the face of your company. 

Social media communication is not one-way communication like via TV or radio. Your company enters into a direct dialogue with users or customers. If implemented correctly, you can get valuable information about your customers and build a strong customer relationship.

However, the dialogue with your customers via social media is not easy and involves risks. A well-founded social media strategy is therefore essential. We are happy to help you with that!

Your advantages?

If you pursue a structured social media strategy you can increase reach and thus your awareness with various social media tricks such as hashtag strategy, likes, and shares.

Your company engages in direct dialogue with your customers on social media channels. Among other things, this promotes close customer relationships. On the other hand, you show your customers another facet of you on social media: values, philosophy, team, etc. play an important role in this. These factors can also lead to an optimized company reputation.

By using various social media channels organic and paid posts, you can reach the users who follow the company website, and potential new customers similar to your target group. This will bring attention to your company from users who may not have known it before.

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